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Tailored Project Movement

When Size and Complexity Weighs on Us!

We are just a call away in easing your transition when you need to move heavy, oversized or complex cargoes.

At SWAT, we love challenges and part of our learning curve, expertise and experience revolves around tailored project movements.

Being detail oriented and meticulous in our business endeavours, we line out possibilities to ensure all specific requirements are fulfilled and that you are rendered the best transportation solution for your goods.

Global Project Shipment Services

Our worldwide connection is undeniable one of our greatest forte and with our forte comes the privilege of providing logistics solutions and services that goes beyond our customers’ needs and expectations.

At SWAT, you can count on us in delivering your goods to any destination around the world.

Our team constantly diversify their business approach by offering a well-planned, integrated solution in solving the often-complex tasks of project cargoes, particularly within the segments as follows:

  • Renewable energy
  • Government logistics
  • Industrial project logistics
  • Ship charter
  • Ship charter

With our Quality Assurance Policy in place, we can guarantee you that we will never fail in our services especially in delivering our promise for product supple and quality required.